Interview: Stefan Ruzowitzky

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Stefan Ruzowitzky spricht im Interwiew mit dem Magazin ScreenIndia einige Dinge an, die ich auch gerne predige (ja, ich meine wirklich „predigen“, besonders wenn es um StudentInnen und das Problem geht, das Ruzowitzky am Ende des Interviews anspricht.)

Hier einige Auszüge:

Well, storytelling is one of the primal art forms and needs of people. I think it’s so important to hear and identify with protagonists; it’s a very important part of being human. It’s fine to experiment but story telling is essential for humans, and so it’s never out of fashion.

I think for a good film, you need an emotional involvement, if you make the audience feel something you’ve achieved your goal. You go to the movies for an emotional experience.“

If you tell your story only for the audience, not from the heart then it will fail, similarly if you tell your story from the heart but it’s not what the audience wants to hear, there is still a problem. In Austria and Germany they tell students it is all about you, and that’s only half the truth.“

(Link via Christa Auderlitzky von Filmdelights.)

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InesInterview: Stefan Ruzowitzky
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