fast wie im richtigen leben.

„Eric was dismayed by Stephanie’s mysterious absences. One day he followed Stephanie and found her visiting a comatose, brain damaged young girl: it was Angela, the daughter that Stephanie had said died at birth. Stephanie and Eric grew closer once Eric got over his initial anger, but it turned out that the real Angela had died, so her doctor hired an actress to play Angela to keep getting money from the Forresters. „Angela“ eventually escaped.“


„Stephanie, who had been devastated when Taylor died in a plane crash, was disgusted when Taylor returned and explained she had married Prince Omar of Morocco while an amnesiac in his palace.“


„To avenge Brooke, who had wandered away in an attack of „brief reactive psychosis,“ Sheila replaced Stephanie’s calcium supplements with mercury, creating the impression that Stephanie was slowly losing her mind.“


„Morgan escaped after Ridge resuced Taylor and Steffy, but showed up as a clown for a Forrester kiddie party.“


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