Be Creative 2014

Do you remember my project „Be Creative“ in 2011? Back then I was doing something creative every day, starting at the first of January. You can see everything I did here. It was one of the most exciting (though sometimes also tough) creative experiences of my life.

In the meantime something great happened: My first book got published in November 2013, and it all started with the Be Creative project in 2011. Back then I made the first Talking Cookies cartoons. And now, two years later, they got their own book called TALKING COOKIES, published by Müry Salzmann Verlag.

Talking Cookies Cover, @Ines Häufler, Müry Salzmann Velrag 2013

„Sunburn?“ – „Oh, shut up.“

For now there is only a German version, but who knows what 2014 has in store for my beloved cookies? If you want to know more, you can visit them on Facebook (German only for now, but you can still enjoy the images)!

Making the book was a wonderful experience, though it was not easy baking cookies when it had almost 30°C in my flat, and when my day job as a script consultant took its toll. But I would not miss a second of it, and I hope I can create a second book very soon.

And now for the latest NEWS: During the last weeks I got the creative itch again, and so I decided to start another 365 days creativity project!

Creativity First! ©Ines Häufler, 2014But this time my goals are a bit different.

  • I am making room for creativity in my life each and every day and document it on this blog. But that does not mean that I actually have to finish a creative work each day as I did in 2011. It can also be the result of a research I am doing for a bigger project. Or posting an article about a book I like. Or just some sketches. Or a work in progress.
  • I am building a portfolio for my (still empty) Behance profile.
  • I am educating myself about monetizing my artwork and I am going to sell prints and other things in my online shop.
  • I am learning new skills. I attended a life drawing course in fall 2013 and will continue this course in spring 2014. And I finally want to learn screenprinting and experiment with acrylic paint. I am learning basic skills in Illustrator, I will improve my Photoshop skills and learn to handle my new graphic tablet.
  • I  am posting inspiring things from other creative people around the world.

Feel free to follow me on the social networks and outlets listed here, and get in contact via email!

And now, let’s be creative!

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  3. Hallo Ines! Freut mich sehr, dass du das Abenteuer wieder wagen möchtest und ich bin schon gespannt, was das Jahr so bringen wird. Ich werde auf jeden Fall alle deine Posts verfolgen…

  4. Post

    Hallo Sarah, ich bin auch schon sehr neugierig was mir so einfallen wird. Dein Blog hat mich übrigens grad auf ein paar Ideen gebracht! Stay tuned!

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