Weekend Videos

From today until Monday I will be gone. It is my last trip to Salzburg and St.Pölten where I am teaching script development this term.

But it will not get boring here, I promise, because here are links to some very interesting videos about tv series.

First there is a one hour video where showrunners and writers from the most successful tv drama series are talking about their craft ( here you find a transcript of the talk):

Thanks to the soon to come Emmy Awards there are currently lots of videos about tv series out there, and I guess there will be more during the next days. Here you have the round table interview with the main actors from the most successful drama series. It is really interesting to hear Jon Hamm (MAD MEN), Damian Lewis (HOMELAND) and all the others talk about their jobs.

For those of you interested in comedy series, watch this one hour interview with some of the most acclaimed comedy showrunners like Liz Meriwether (NEW GIRL) and Paul Lieberstein (THE OFFICE).

I have some more video links in store, but I guess I better keep them for some other weekend. After weeks of cold and rainy weather there will be finally lots of sun here in Austria this weekend, and I guess you rather want to go outside than stay inside and stare at a screen for hours, right?

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