Be Creative 2014: Inspiration by Victo Ngai

I love the internet, because I am finding tons of inspiration and can study the work of the most talented artists. Losing myself in the creative worlds of others is also part of my project. So every now and then I am going to share images and websites that inspire me.

I am starting with Victo Ngai, an illustrator from Hong Kong, based in New York.

© Victo Ngai

Her works sometimes breathe the atmosphere of old Asian wood cuts, even if they depict modern subjects. I like her style a lot. She has a great Tumblr, where she sometimes also posts the sketches for her work. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

This is one of my favourite pieces:

© Victo Ngai

And then I discovered this touching story about vanishing memories:

© Victo Ngai

So get inspired by Victo Ngai’s work, it is just some clicks away!

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