Book Review: On Directing Film

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While discussing our favorite scriptwriting literature on Facebook with some friends, I remembered that I wrote a long review about David Mamet’s book “On Directing Film” back in February 2013 for the newsletter of the Association Of Film- And TV Script Consultants (VeDra). This is the article:


The moments that shifted my perspectives on screenplays as a script consultant often happened when I was looking beyond my own nose – in the editing room, while repeating lines with an actor or while sitting next to the director on set.

Thus it is a book that has the word “Directing” as part of its title, that is one of my favorite books on scriptwriting since years: ON DIRECTING FILM is based on a series of lectures given by writer and director David Mamet in 1987 at Columbia University’s film school. The book is only 128 pages long, and it is polemic, radical and unorthodox, which makes reading it a very un-analytical pleasure.


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InesBook Review: On Directing Film


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First, there is a massive heat wave in Vienna, second there are a lot of screenplays on my desk to be read, and third I am preparing the lectures for the Filmmaking Masterclass in Majorca. I hope you excuse my absence in this blog.

To entertain you in this short intermission I recommend for all who have seen MOONRISE KINGDOM this wonderful video on (fictitious) books that play an important part in the movie. I hope this will be an uplifting experience for you. See/read you soon!


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