Be Creative 2014: Work Life Balance

Today was the first real working day after my two weeks holiday break. I am working as a script consultant in the tv and film industry for 10 years now, and I still love my job. But finding the balance between work and my creative life is not always easy, also in terms of energy.

I managed to squeeze in some practice though – I am drawing faces. It is still quite hard for me, but it is getting better. It reminds me of learning how to play the piano: When I started to practice every day for just half an hour, I saw massive improvements. And to be honest – there is always room for half an hour of practice, for everything. (And if I will stop playing Candy Crush Saga, I’ll have even more time on my hands…)

Be Creative 2014: Faces, © Ines Häufler

Be Creative 2014: Faces, © Ines Häufler

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