Hooray, Recipies!

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“Formula movies” is a term for films that always use the same structure and plot devices. here you have a beautiful visualization for the most common movie genres. (If you click on the image it will lead you to an article with a bigger version of the illustration).

I tried to find the source of the illustration which I found on the GITS blog, and ended up at the New York International Lationo Film Festival. You can even make your own action movie, and then there is also this video. Nice!

NYILFF 2012 - Alien Invasion Movie Recipe from NYILFF on Vimeo.

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InesHooray, Recipies!

Watchlist: Web Series

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There are lots of web series on the internet these days, and how you get them financed is still a mystery in most cases. But what was I going to tell you? Oh, yes!

Flavorwire is presenting 10 web series to watch. Some videos don’t work here in Austria, but there is one I did not know before and I really dig it. It is called SUBMISSIONS ONLY, a series about auditions, castings and Broadway shows. I like the humor, the dynamics and the emotional moments. And maybe another reason why I like it is that I spent a good part of the 1990ies in rehearsal rooms because I worked as an assistant director at several theaters.

You can find all episodes of the first two seasons here, and this is the first episode:

Meanwhile I watched all episodes of both seasons, and I can promise you: It is getting better and better. Not only the storytelling, but also the camera work. Hey, I am a fangirl now. When is the next season going to start?

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InesWatchlist: Web Series

Video: Weekend At The Beach

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I know you always wanted to see Jean-Luc Godard in swimming trunks, Wim Wenders fully clothed (including suspenders) and Heiner Müller reading a book at a beach in California. Here you go:

Personally I think the video is rather mediocre until the film cuts away from the adults at 6:57 mins and shows the kids… :-)

Oh, and whoever is wondering about the weird commentary: “Shortly before Ira Schnieder edited it, he had seen some Godard political/very wordy films which he couldn’t stand. He therefore spoke a rather cynical narration.” (I found the video in the CARGO blog, and the statement by Ira Schnieder is quoted here.)

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InesVideo: Weekend At The Beach