Watchlist: Web Series

There are lots of web series on the internet these days, and how you get them financed is still a mystery in most cases. But what was I going to tell you? Oh, yes!

Flavorwire is presenting 10 web series to watch. Some videos don’t work here in Austria, but there is one I did not know before and I really dig it. It is called SUBMISSIONS ONLY, a series about auditions, castings and Broadway shows. I like the humor, the dynamics and the emotional moments. And maybe another reason why I like it is that I spent a good part of the 1990ies in rehearsal rooms because I worked as an assistant director at several theaters.

You can find all episodes of the first two seasons here, and this is the first episode:

Meanwhile I watched all episodes of both seasons, and I can promise you: It is getting better and better. Not only the storytelling, but also the camera work. Hey, I am a fangirl now. When is the next season going to start?

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