Trailerwatch: 12 MONKEYS – The Series

A video night with friends. We are standing in the kitchen and drawing a timeline of 12 MONKEYS on the kitchen wall, trying to understand the time travel and discovering a plot hole. But my personal highlight of this evening was seeing LA JETEÉ by Chris Marker for the first time. There are not many films that have fascinated me in this way for such a long time.

12 MONKEYS is an adaptation of LA JETEÉ, which shows more in the plot than in the look and feel. Now another layer is added – there will be a tv series adaptation of the big screen adaptation of LA JETEÉ.

I have to admit that I do not really like this trailer, though I like time travel entertainment. So I guess, I’d rather watch the Original again and browse through LA JETEÉ: ciné-roman.

Chris Marker: La Jeteé. Ciné-roman.

Chris Marker: La Jeteé. Ciné-roma


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