Weekend Links

From Tuesday on I will be gone for a week, so there will be no updates on my blog. But I am posting a few links here now, so you have some stuff to dig through in the meantime.

Billy Wilder would have been 106 years on June 22nd. The website Cinephilia & Beyond (which I strongly recommend!) has found two full length documentaries. Here is one of the two docs:

I have to emphasize how great the Cinephilia blog is. If you find some time, go and read it. It is really worthwhile. They also have a twitter.


Also, there is a link making the rounds at the moment, where Aaron Sorkin explains how to write a script, or rather how to write a scene from his new series NEWSROOM. A great read!


If I find the time I am going to blog live from Filmmaking Masterclass in Majorca next week!

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