The Art Of Title Sequences

While series like LOST and GLEE do not have a real title sequence apart from the name of the show shown on screen, other series and films have really great and often artistic opening sequences, like DEXTER, TRUE BLOOD and MAD MEN.

Here is the great title sequence from TRUE BLOOD. I have seen it so many times now, and it is still not getting old:

Here is a great Making Of Video. They shot a lot on real film stock. I think this is why it feels so “haptic” for me.

At the end there is a video where you can see the people who are creating those opening sequences talking about their craft. Highly fascinating stuff, because you have to get the essence of a story (the “emotional core” so to say) and find a way to express it visually in only a minute or so. Maybe it would be an interesting exercise to explore how an imaginary title sequence of the screenplay youa re working on would look.

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