Good stories captivate us, they let us escape to different worlds or they show us a new perspective on our own reality. A good story has a strong emotional theme that we can connect to, and it has strong characters that we care for. My story consulting services help writers and producers to unleash these potentials in their screenplays and concepts.


Here you can find an overview of my services, all provided in English or German.


You need a detailed written analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a script, including suggestions for solutions?

During a long script development, before filing a film funding application or when you prepare a meeting with television editors, an additional perspektive from the outside can be very helpful.

The SCRIPT ANALYSIS provides you with 5 to 7 pages of a precise analysis, highlightening the strengths and weaknesses of a screenplay. You will gain detailed insights about the emotional theme, characters, plot, structure, audience and marketing opportunities of the screenplay. On top of that you will get suggestions for solutions of the problems and further development of the story.
A 30 minute phone call is included to talk about specific questions after you recieved the analysis.

The SCRIPT ANALYSIS is 550,- € (660,- € incl. 20% VAT, though VAT does not apply in many cases, especially in EU countries)


Let us enter the ring for a 90 minutes HIGH NOON session! I am providing a fresh look on your project and I am asking the right questions, so you can find new perspectives and solutions for your stoytelling problem.

You have a clever idea, but not yet a strong storyline. The producers are expecting your exposé in five days. What is the story?
The rough cut of your new short film is done, but the rhythm does not work. What is the problem?
You have done in-depth research for your documentary, but your concept lacks a common thread. What is the core of your story?

Lots of writers and filmmakers have very specific questions. In our talk we have 90 minutes to find answers.
HIGH NOON also gives you the chance to practice the pitch of your story, because I do not read or watch anything beforehand, to be able to give you the most fresh and immediate feedback about your project.

For our HIGH NOON talk we ideally meet in person, but if this is not possible, I am happy to talk with you via video Skype.

Let us do a HIGH NOON session! I am looking forward to meeting you!

How much does HIGH NOON cost?
A 90 minutes HIGH NOON session is 125,- € (150,- € incl. 20% VAT, though VAT does not apply in many cases, especially if you live in an EU country).


I am always happy to pass on my many years of experience in storytelling in workshops and as a speaker at conferences and universities.

Here is a selection of topics for keynotes, lectures and workshops.

The basics of film dramaturgy

Why does a screenplay need an emotional theme? How do you create complex characters? And how do you write a structure that keeps suspense? This lecture provides an overview of three important ingredients of storytelling in film.

The main prinicples of storytelling

Starting from sentences like „Keep it simple” and „What is the story about?” I create a guideline for storytelling which is also interesting for creative people outside the film business.

Digital and transmedia storytelling

We live in new digital media worlds, where the audience can participate in the stories we tell. Which new and traditional narrative tools can you use in a transmedia and digital setting? What does a story need to move people across platforms?


Next to teaching I am also available as member of juries for film festivals and screenplay competitions. Just write me, and we will find the ideal lecture or workshop for your needs!


From the pitching paper to the first day of shooting I am providing a professional story consulting throughout the whole development of a film project.

A long term project mentoring by a script consultant is very useful during the script development process. I am guiding the writers during the whole period of script development, writing detailed script analyses and suggesting solutions to strengthen the script. I am also conducting script meetings with producers and writers, and I am coordinating the feedback from tv stations, directors and co producers in all stages of script development.

SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT is starting from 3.000,- € (from 3.600,- € incl. 20% VAT), depending on the duration and extent oft he project.


No matter if you are working on a short film, a series, new storytelling formats, transmedia concepts or if you need editing consulting – we will find the right consulting solution for your needs.

Story consulting is not limited to the analysis of fictional feature film scripts. I am also consulting writers and producers during the development of tv or web series, documentaries, short films, digital storytelling (e.g. for websites, games or apps) and transmedia projects.

You have to edit your documentary, because the tv station wants a shorter version? You need a fresh look on a rough cut of your movie? I am also providing editing consulting for documentaries and fiction films.

Just get in touch with me and we will find a story consulting service that fits your needs!