“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

– Joel in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

How do we communicate through stories? Which emotions can we evoke? And how can we transform from a loud, anonymous “megaphone communication” to a caring, authentic dialog at a campfire?

Storytelling has always been my biggest passion, even before it became the core ob my work. Until a few years ago I persued this passion as a script consultant for movie and tv writers. But since creating Runtastic Story Running, I am also consulting companies on how to improve their brand communication, using storytelling, the heroe’s journey, and understanding their customers better by creating vivid buyer and brand personas. In the end it is all about a successful emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

How can we work together?

One focus is on inspiring talks and small workshops in companies and at conferences, where companies can gain a new perspective on their brand communication with creative storytelling exercises, and get informations on how stories, storytelling and communication works. My clients are  Microsoft ÖsterreichPloner CommunicationsNeukurs and many more. I am also doing these workshops in house, where I often focus on creating concrete brand and buyer personas, and applying these insights on specific parts of brand communication, using storytelling.

Vortrag für Neukurs (Foto: ©Neukurs)

Vortrag für Neukurs (Foto: ©Neukurs)

I am also developing new creative formats for branded storytelling, as I did für the health app company Runtastic with creating Runtastic Story Running. Story Runs are audio books especially written and designed for runners, which users can listen to in-app during their training.

In 2015 I wrote the Runtastic Story Run „Moments of Bliss“ in cooperation with the Austrian Tourism Office. You can download it for free in the Runtastic app. Have fun listening to it during your run, and tell me what you think!

Writing stories is my other big passion besides consulting. I wrote short fictional stories about Austria’s Advent highlights, and also the really short microstories for some timeplapse videos for the Austrian Tourism Office.


Let us get in contact, and talk about how your business can benefit froma new perspective on your brand communication with creative storytelling. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Do you want to have more insights on brand communication and storytelling right now? Here are a few links.

  1. Screenwriting mastermind Robert McKee talks in this interview about how to use storytelling for businesses. There is also a short video with him about this topic.
  2. Clayton Christensen shares an very interesting story with us – about milk shakes. But it is really about the question, why people are doing things the way they do. And that it is very often more important to understand the situation and the context how a product is used, before just adding more and more features to it. And only if you understand this “why” – the motivation behing your customer’s actions – you can build a relevant communication with them.  
  3. And finally there is the popular TED talk video by Simon Sinek, who also emphasizes, why it is so important to know your “why”, instead of only communication your “what” and “how”. Because the “why” is the most important core of an emotionally successful communication.