Long time no see

Sorry for the long silence. But I finally have some great news, because I am currently in the process of revamping all my services.

Here is a teaser: Until now most of my services were for producers. With HIGH NOON – The Talk I will finally have a service that aims directly at you, the writers and filmmakers.

New at Scriptalicious: HIGH NOON

HIGH NOON is a 90 minute session for your specific questions about your current project. Maybe you have a rough cut of your latest short film, but something feels not right. Or you just completed your first research for a documentary, and now your are lost in the vast amount of possibilities. And you might have the perfect idea for a feature film – if only you had a clear story with interesting characters and some plot points to hold on to, so you can start writing an outline.

In our HIGH NOON session we will address your specific questions and work out answers so you can continue with writing, filming or editing your work. If it is not possible to talk in person we can meet on Video Skype. You can also record our session for future reference.

Stay tuned to this site so you will know when HIGH NOON will officially launch. If you have questions now, please contact me, I am happy to hear from you!

See you soon

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