Storytelling And Advertising: Skype

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In the future I am going to write more about storytelling as such, and also about cross media storytelling. This will include branded content and branded entertainment.

This is the first example: Sarah is born with an incomplete left arm. Sarah’s mum starts looking for children with a similar problem on the interne, and she finds Paige. The girls start skyping and become best friends. But Sarah lives inthe United States and Paige lives in New Zealand, so theyonly meet in “real life” 8 years later.

Of course this video is a tear jerker and you could call it even manipulative on an emotional level. But I like it, because I know that it is an ad for Skype and still it seems plausible and authentic in my opinion. And the brand stays in the background. In addition to that I like the idea with the projection and the photos to visualize the distance and closeness of the two girls before they meet.

The video is part of the “Family Portraits” series, where you can see more similar stories.

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InesStorytelling And Advertising: Skype