“We have to go back!” – 10 Years Of LOST

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First I thought “WTF?!”, and then “Wow, this is genius!”, and then I watched the end of the third season of LOST again.

That one single sentence – “We have to go back!” – twist my mind in such a way, was something I had never seen in a tv series before. Well, after that there was something called “The Red Wedding”, but there it also was the brutality of the execution of the plot twist, that made it stand out. With LOST they only needed one sentence.

Though I still hate the end of the last season (or the whole last season to be honest) of LOST, it has been an experience that I never had since. Except from a few Game Of Thrones moments.

And because we are celebrating 10 years since LOST first aired, here is a (sloppy) video from this year’s Comic Con.

But now for a real walk down the memory lane: 5 great scenes from LOST.

Ok, you git me. I also “want to go back”: You find me at my DVD shelf. And where did I put these wine labels…?

LOST - ©Ines Häufler

LOST – ©Ines Häufler

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Ines“We have to go back!” – 10 Years Of LOST

Watchlist: DOBERMANN

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Last night my screenwriter friend Susanne Freund told me that she had been member of the jury of Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken many years ago. There she saw a short film called DOBERMANN. Many years later she saw the movie THE LIVES OF OTHERS, and the name of the director sounded familiar to her. It was Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the director of the short film DOBERMANN. Now she found the film on Vimeo, and I want to share it with you.

Dobermann de Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck from cuando los grandes eran cortos on Vimeo.

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InesWatchlist: DOBERMANN