Be Creative 2014: Portfolio and Practice

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I finally uploaded my first work on my Behance portfolio. You can now meet the Talking Cookies there, and more will follow. I am just beginning to explore the Behance network – there is some excellent work to be found, and lots of inspiration!

My portfolio on Behance

My portfolio on Behance

I also started sketching. I want to revisit a linocut I did in 2012. I was never satisfied with the outcome, so I want to draw it this time and see where it takes me. But I have to practice a lot, because I still suck at drawing people, though I see that I got a bit better since I went to a life drawing course last fall. Now off to the drawing board. If I do not practice, I will suck forever. (So there is nothing to lose, I cannot get worse, only better, which is kind of great, don’t you think?)

Be Creative 2014: Creepy Girl, © Ines Häufler

Be Creative 2014: Creepy Girl, © Ines Häufler

P.S.: Yes, the girl is supposed to look a bit creepy, thank you for asking.

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InesBe Creative 2014: Portfolio and Practice

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